Preliminary Conference Program

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Sunday, April 26, 2020



14:00UV for Disinfection and Water Purification
Karl Linden | University of Colorado Boulder, USA
14:45UV LED Lamp Systems in UV Curable Industrial Applications: Achievements and Challenges
Dawn Skinner | Heraeus Noblelight, Germany


Coffee Break

16:00Applications of Ultraviolet Light in Healthcare    
Richard Martinello | Yale University, USA
UV LED Measurements – Radiometric vs. Spectroradiometric Methods
Mark Paravia | Opsytec Dr. Gröbel GmbH, Germany


Welcome Reception

Monday, April 27, 2020


Welcome & Opening Remarks


Plenary Session


UV LEDs: Recent Advances and Future Prospects of this Versatile Technology
Neysha Lobo Ploch | UVphotonics, Germany
09:30UV-LEDs for Water Disinfection: The Forefront of Research and Applications
Kumiko Oguma | The University of Tokyo, Japan
10:00UV Radiometry for LED-Based Systems
Peter Sperfeld | PTB, Germany


Coffee Break and Exhibition


Session Mo-A2

Session Mo-B2
Disinfection Systems

11:00Invited Talk:
Characteristics of UV-LED Sources for Spectroscopic Applications

Christoph Söller | Heraeus Noblelight, Germany
Invited Talk:
Defining a Figure of Merit for UVC Radiation Efficiency in a Water Disinfection Reactor
and the Impact of UVT, Reflectivity and Size

Leo J. Schowalter | Crystal IS, USA

The Application of UV-LEDs in Photometers and Fluorimeters
Ernst Eimer | F. F. Runge GmbH, Germany

Investigation of the Disinfection Performance of Three Different UV-LED Systems
Tim Schwarzenberger | DVGW – Technologiezentrum Wasser, Germany
11:40Construction and Characterization of a High-Power UV-LED Module as Radiation Source for Goniometric Spectral Radiance Factor Measurements
Irina Santourian | PTB, Germany

Selection, Evaluation and Integration of UV-LED Water Disinfection Modules
Majid Keshavarzfathy | Acuva Technologies Inc., Canada


Measuring Method for Nitrogen Oxide Gases Using a UV Oxidizer in Combination with a UV LED Analyser
Camiel Heffels | Siemens AG, Germany

Raising the Standard: The Case for Holistic Guidelines for UV-C LED Based Water Treatment Systems
Oliver Lawal | AquiSense Technologies, USA


Lunch Break and Exhibition




Session Mo-A3
LED Technology I


Session Mo-B3
Medical Applications I

13:00Invited Talk:
Characterization of AlGaN Deep-Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diodes Grown on AlN/Sapphire Templates with Dense Macrosteps and its Application of High-Speed Solar-Blind Optical Wireless

Kazunobu Kojima | Tohoku University, Japan
Invited Talk:
Disinfection in Medical Applications Using UV LEDs

Martina Meinke | Charité, Germany
13:25Disruptive GLED Devices and Disinfection Solutions
Peter E. Gordon | Bolb Inc, USA
Elimination of the Follicular Microbiome by Utilizing UVA-LEDs
Gisela Thiede | Charité, Germany
13:40Enhanced Light Extraction for UV-LEDs by SMD-Packaging with Integrated Reflectors
Ulli Hansen | MSG Lithoglas GmbH, Germany
Preventing Hospital-Acquired Infections with UVC LEDs
Marvin Ruffin | Excelitas Technologies Corp., USA
13:55Fabrication of Aluminum-Coated Plastic Reflectors with an Innovative Metallic Intermediate Layer for High-Power UV LED Modules
Moshe Weizman | OSA Opto Light GmbH, Germany
Stress Response Measurements in Skin Induced by UV LEDs
Martina Meinke | Charité, Germany


Coffee Break and Exhibition


Session Mo-A4
LED Technology & Markets

Session Mo-B4
Biotech Applications

15:00Invited Talk:
Heitz Law Applied to UV LEDs

Jennifer Pagan | Aquisense Technologies, USA
Invited Talk:
Peach Flesh Metabolome is Modulated by UV-B Radiation Although UV-B Does Not Penetrate the Peach Skin

Annamaria Ranieri | University of Pisa, Italy
15:25Advances in In-Situ Metrology of UV-LED Structures in MOCVD
Kolja Haberland | LayTec AG, Germany
Extracts from UVB Treated Plants Do Not Provoke Cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity or Oxidative Stress in Vitro
Melanie Wiesner-Reinhold | Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops e.V., Germany
15:40How the UVC LED Industry is Organizing to Reach High Power and New Applications
Pierrick Boulay | Yole Developpement SA, France
Effect of Wavelength and Intensity on E. coli Inactivation Kinetics
Dana Pousty | Tel Aviv University, Israel and University of Toronto, Canada
15:55UV-LED Activated Sensors: Semiconductor Nanostructures Integrated with Metal Nanoparticles
Fariborz Taghipour | The University of British Columbia, Canada
UVC-LED Based Pretreatment for Biofouling Control in Desalination Processes with Thin-Film Composite Membranes
Philipp Sperle | Technical University of Munich, Germany


Poster Session and Exhibition


Networking Dinner

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Session Tu-A1
Water Disinfection

Session Tu-B1
UV Curing

08:30Invited Talk:
UV for Disinfection and Water Purification

Karl Linden | University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Invited Talk:
Characteristics of UV-LEDs for Industrial Curing Solution
Petra Burger | Dr. Hönle AG, Germany
08:55Enhanced Disinfection Efficiencies by UVA Followed by UVC-LED Irradiation on E. coli in Water
Paul Onkundi Nyangesi | Xiamen University, China
Continuous Nap-Core Production Process Including UV-LED Curing
Mathias Köhler | Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP, Germany
09:10Enhanced Bacterial Inactivation through Sequential Irradiation with UV-LEDs at Specific Wavelengths
Kai Song | The University of British Columbia, Canada and Nanjing Forestry University, China
UV LED Curing in Textile Industry
Ralf Lungwitz | Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut e.V., Germany
09:25Wireless UV-LED Photoreactors for Environmental Remediation: Opportunities and Challenges
Mohammad Reza Eskanderian | University of Zanjan, Iran
Innovative UV LED Curable Polymer Coatings for Glass Fibers
Jürgen Rosenkranz | j-fiber GmbH, Germany


Coffee Break + Exhibition


Session Tu-A2
Advanced Oxidation

Session Tu-B2
Medical Applications II

10:30Invited Talk:
Comparing UV-LED and UV Lamps for Micropollutant Degradation with Free Chlorine Advanced Oxidation Process in Different Water Matrices

Madjid Mohseni | The University of British Columbia, Canada
Invited Talk:
UV LEDs in Medical Applications

Ewan Eadie | Ninewells Hospital, UK
10:55Removal of Sulfamethoxazole, Ibuprofen, Taste & Odor Matters by UVLED/Chlorine Oxidation Process
Taemun M. Hwang | Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology and Korea University of Science & Technology, Korea
Development of LED Based Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy Device for the Non-Invasive in Vivo Measurement of UVA‑PF and SPF
Georg Wiora | Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH, Germany
11:10Impact of Irradiation Frequencies and Duty Intervals on UV-LEDs Photoreactor Performance Used in Advanced Oxidation Processes
Mohammad Hossein Rasoulifard | University of Zanjan, Iran
On the Road to Direct, Optical, On-Line Germ Detection
Frank Stüpman | Silicann Systems GmbH, Germany
11:25Fundamentals of Design for UV-C LED Surface Disinfection Applications
Richard M. Simons | AquiSense Technologies LLC, USA
DNA Analysis with UV LEDs
Martin Schädel | CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH, Germany


Lunch Break (Buffet) + Exhibition


Session Tu-A3:
LED Technology II

Session Tu-B3:
Food Disinfection

13:00Invited Talk:
Understanding the Degradation Mechanisms of UVB and UVC LEDs to Improve their Reliability

Johannes Glaab | Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Germany
Invited Talk:
UV-C LED Usage for Bacterial Decontamination of Technical Surfaces in Food Processing

Susanne Fleischmann | Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
13:25LED Characterization and Design Implications
A. Miller | Crystal IS Inc., USA
Ultraviolet Light Decontamination in Chicken Breast Meat
Arturo Blazquez Soro | Teagasc Ashtown Research Centre, Ireland
13:40Optical Internal Quantum Efficiency Determination of UVC LEDs – Towards a Standardization of Experimental Conditions
Christian Frankerl | OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH and Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
LED Technology for Decontamination of Dried Food Ingredients
Laura M. Hinds | Teagasc Food Research Centre and University College Dublin, Ireland
13:55UV-C LED Measurement Accuracy Increased through the Long Term Removal of Fluorescence Effects
Mike Clark | Gigahertz-Optik Vertriebsgesellschaft für technische Optik mbH, Germany
UV-LEDs in Water Scarce Settings: Biofouling Mitigation During Drip Irrigation with Reclaimed Wastewater in Israel
Tara E. Randall | University of Colorado Boulder, USA


Coffee Break + Exhibition


Plenary Session

15:00Exploring the Wavelength and Efficiency Limits of Deep UV LEDs
Michael Kneissl | Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Joint Plenary on Standardization of UV LED (Systems) Characterization

15:30The Need for Standards in UV-LED Water Disinfection Systems, and Challenges for Application to a World Market
Gordon Knight | International Ultraviolet Association, USA
15:50New Alternative UV Test Method in NSF/ANSI 55 – Ultraviolet Microbiological Water Treatment Systems
Mike Blumenstein | NSF International, USA
16:05UV LED Disinfection for Public Water Supply: Preparation of a Test Protocol in Germany
David Warschke | DVGW, Germany


Closing Remarks


Panel Discussion:
Standardization: What is Needed and What is in the Pipeline?

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


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