Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau

Research and development in photonics and optical technologies in Wildau

© Matthias Friel

Photonics and Optical Technologies are among the most important fields of research and development at Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (TUASW). Besides a bachelor course in Physical Technologies / Energy Systems and a master course in Photonics, there are several laboratories devoted to R&D in this fast developing research area. The tour to TUASW includes beside a short presentation about history and actual activities at TUASW also visits of various laboratories and discussions with researchers. Besides visits of laboratories for thin film deposition and surface technologies, also laboratories for laser materials processing, laser spectroscopy, linear and nonlinear optics, and surface analytics are included in this tour. In case of interest also other laboratories of TUASW can be visited.


Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau
Hochschulring 1
15745 Wildau, Germany

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