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About Berlin

„Ich bin ein Berliner!“

Follow in the footsteps of politicians, celebrities and tourists alike. Discover a city that has changed more than any other city in the world over the last few years. Berlin brings together the past, present and future in a truly unique way.

With an area nine times bigger than Paris, more bridges than Venice, the world’s longest open air gallery, Europe’s largest department store KaDeWe and the most zoo animals in the world, Berlin surely has something to offer for everyone.

For culinary delights, Berlin’s multiculturalism awaits with a dazzling variety of cuisines, local specialties and its very own genuine beer.

Cultural enthusiasts can enjoy three running opera houses, 150 theatres and stage venues and “more museums than rainy days”.

With 30% of the city being covered by parks and woods or rivers, lakes or waterways, a place to unwind is only a few steps away.

Bannerbild: ©visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien